Task Overview

Tasks are administrative functions that can be invoked on your hosted application. Each application type will offer a different set of available tasks. To invoke the available task list, see the screen shot below.

SFTP - Request SFTP

Request SFTP access to your environment. Each time SFTP acess is requested a new IP address will be issued.

SFTP - Terminate SFTP

Terminate SFTP access to your application.

Web Application - Restart

Initiate a reboot of the web application servers.

Web Application - Request Credentials

Request initial administrative username and password to the applications admin interface.

Database - Authorize IP

Direct database access is only available via ip address authorization through our firewall. Leverage the authorize IP task to add your IP address to the firewall.

Database - Reboot

Request a reboot of your database with optional fail over if the database is highly available / multi-az.

Database - Request Password

Request the administrative password to the database.