1. A credit card must be added to your account.

  2. All requests for packages will be reviewed and approved by the support team before the infrastructure is provisioned.

Request a package

  1. To get started with hosted apps please navigate to Cloud Manager -> Provision -> Hosting.

  2. On the next screen select "Request Hosted App." This will allow you to select the desired package to request.

  3. Select your package.

  4. Enter your application name and select "Request."

  5. Newly requested application will show as the following in the console. Once ready the state will be green.

View Your Website

  1. Copy the "CDN Name" into your web browser.

  2. A sample test page will show.

Admin Access

  1. Request the admin login keys via Tasks button.

  2. Select "Request S3 Access Keys" and "Request."

  3. You are now provided AWS S3 Access Keys to the S3 bucket for uploading of content.

  4. With these S3 access keys you can use your favorite S3 Bucket management tool like Cloudberry, or devops/continuous delivery tools like Codeship.

CloudBerry Configuration

  1. Launch CloudBerry and select File -> New Amazon S3 Account.

  2. Enter a Display Name and the Access and Secret keys provided in Admin Access section steps above. Then click OK.

  3. Close out the Registered Accounts UI.

  4. Select the Source drop down menu and pick the Display Name for the previously registered account.

  5. You should now see a blank screen.

  6. Go back to the Management UI and copy the S3 Bucket Name.

  7. Paste the Bucket Name into bar as shown.

  8. You should now be able to see the root content of your s3 bucket for management.