Sign up

The below guide will get you started with our hosting services to provision applications like WordPress, Magento, static websites, or your own custom environments.


If you have not already registered for you account, please sign up first using one of the available social providers or our own internal authentication. Sign up urls should have been provided to you.

First Login

Once successful login you will be prompted to complete your sign up registration with additional details.

Adding a Credit Card

If a credit card was not added in the previous step, you can add it later by following the below steps.

In order to manage your payment information please navigate to Configuration -> Account & Profile. We currently accept all major credit cards.

NOTE: You must be an Administrator to manage billing.

Package Selection

  1. Navigate to Hosting -> Apps and select Request Hosted App if this is your first package.

  2. Select the offering type and the recommended configuration to start with. The configuration options can be adjusted in the next step.

  3. Enter a Name for your package, customize any options required, review and agree to the terms of services and request the package.

  4. Once requested. Move on to the package specific configuration guides.

Magento Configuration

StaticWeb Configuration

WordPress Configuration