DNS should be setup to point to the cloudfront.net name as a CNAME or an A record with an Alias to the cloudfront.net name.

See the screenshot below to find your cloudfront.net endpoint.


Our hosting solutions do not include a local email server for sending outbound emails. If you require the ability to send outbound email it is recommended to leverage an email relay service that will provide you with an smtp endpoint to connect WordPress/Plugin to or some other email relay configuration.

PHP.ini Customization

PHP configurations can be customized via the php.ini file which is accessible via SFTP, see the SFTP user guide.
If you have not done so already, please request SFTP access SFTP access .

  1. Once logged in to your application via SFTP, navigate to the conf directory.

  2. Here you will find the php.ini file available for editing.

  3. Once edits are completed, you will need to restart the web app servers via a Task see restarting the web application servers.