Cost Summary

The cost summary report is a high level overview summarizing your AWS spend by individual AWS Accounts, Services, and Resource Groups.

  1. Navigate to "Reports" -> "Cost Summary"

  2. Use the date picker to select the time frame to display summary costs and optionally filter down to individual Cloud Accounts.

  3. Cost by Service: This chart can be toggled between a line or bar chart and optionally with grouped data by daily or monthly values. Across the bottom is a summary as a percentage for your 3 most expensive services in AWS. Where the 4th is the summary cost of all other services.

  4. Cost by Region: A summary report of costs visualized across regions.

  5. Cost by Resource Group: A summary report of costs by resource groups across all AWS accounts and all regions. This report is also controlled by the date picker above.

Service Metrics

Quickly view detailed AWS Service values filterable across regions, or AWS Accounts in one. In this report you will find the following values across EBS, EC2, ELB, RDS, Elasticache, and Redshift Amazon services.

  • Service total number of resources
  • Summary stats. These can be by service type, Status, Region, or key values like ELB health check types, or RDS Multi-Az value
  • Event Summary for CloudTrail changes vs CloudWatch alarms over the previous week.
  • Three month trending Costing data by service
  • Reserved Instances status vs term length
  • CloudTrail last few changes by service.