First Login

Once successful login you will be prompted to complete your sign up registration with additional details.

Adding a Credit Card

Your credit card information can be added and updated once logged in as an Administrator. We currently accept all major credit cards.

NOTE You must be an Administrator to manage billing.

In order to manage your payment information please navigate to Configuration -> Account & Profile.

Register AWS Account

  • Navigate to "Configuration" -> "Cloud Accounts"
  • Click "Register New Cloud Account"

  • Enter the display name for your Cloud Account.
  • Select the Cloud Service provider as "Amazon"
  • Next you will need to generate an ARN based on the Account ID and External ID provided.

NOTE: The IAM Access policy used in this video utilizes IAM Power User, which is the minimum recommended for Tiers above free tier if AWS Console federation will be leveraged. Which will only by default grant as much permissions as granted to the role initially.

AWS Console

Access to the AWS console can be federated via any authenticated user with permissions. See below for gaining access to the AWS Console.

NOTE: AWS Console Access is not available for hosting services.

  1. Once logged in, select your target Cloud Account from the drop down "Quick Cloud Account Access."

  2. Select a permissions set to the AWS console by picking from your available Policies.

  3. Select Request Access to validate your permissions.

  4. Once validated, the green Access Cloud button will show to federate you into the AWS Console.

  5. You will now be federated into the AWS console based on your user account. The user account name will persist through CloudTrail event log data, as long as Cloudtrail is first enabled.